Maximum values of the series: 150V / 60A / 900W / ØPL = 0.85€/W

Voltage range:0 ... 150VSetting accuracy U:±0.03% reading + 10mV
Current range:0 ... 60ASetting accuracy I:±0.1% reading + 0.1%FS
Power range:0 ... 900WExt. control analogue:Yes
Cabinet:Table-top unitExt. feedback analogue:Yes
Regulation:U / IRS232:Yes
Load regulation U:≤0.1% + 5mVRS485:Yes*
Load regulation I:≤0.1% + 5mVRS422:No
Mains regulation U:≤0.01% + 4mVOpen protocol:Yes
Line regulation I:≤0.1% + 3mVModbus RTU:Yes*
Noise U:≤2mVrms / ≤30mVppSCPI:Yes
Noise I:≤10mArmsReverse current protection:Yes
Recovery Time (50% change):≤1.5msPolarity changer:No
Display accuracy U:±0.02% reading + 5mVInterlock:No
Display accuracy I:±0.1% reading + 0.1%FSExt. on/off input:Yes
Voltage range:0 ... 150V
Current range:0 ... 60A
Power range:0 ... 900W
Cabinet:Table-top unit
Regulation:U / I
Load regulation U:≤0.1% + 5mV
Load regulation I:≤0.2% + 5mV
Mains regulation U:≤0.01% + 4mV
Line regulation I:≤0.2% + 3mV
Noise U:≤2mVrms / ≤30mVpp
Noise I:≤10mArms
Recovery Time (50% change):≤1.5ms
Display accuracy U:±0.02% reading + 5mV
Display accuracy I:±0.1% reading + 0.1%FS
Setting accuracy U:±0.03% reading + 10mV
Setting accuracy I:±0.1% reading + 0.1%FS
Ext. control analogue:Yes
Ext. feedback analogue:Yes
Open protocol:Yes
Modbus RTU:Yes*
Reverse current protection:Yes
Polarity changer:Yes*
Ext. on/off input:Yes

* Optional

The programmable precision laboratory power supply of the DP-H series offers highest precision up to the mV / mA range for applications with high demands on stability and reproducibility. Equipped with modern ARM microprocessor control, colour LCD display, automated programmes for charging and simulating batteries as well as adjustable current/voltage curves, this programmable precision laboratory power supply is versatile even without external control. In addition, the DP-H series has a wide range of digital connectivity options and can be easily integrated into any existing infrastructure thanks to SCPI (RS232) and Modbus RTU (RS485) support. Standard analogue inputs and outputs for setting and reading system variables complete the overall package. Brief summary of the advantages of DP-H series high-performance power supply units:

ConnectivityDigital connection via RS485, RS232 possible, full support for Modbus-RTU (RS485) and SCPI (RS232). Support by LabView with programme examples. Analogue setting and reading of all system values via 5V inputs/outputs or external potentiometers possible, including error status, output status, operation mode. Trigger loop for remote control of automatic programmes.
FeaturesOutput values 0 ... 100% variably adjustable, constant voltage and constant current operating modes with automatic switching depending on the load. Independently programmable voltage/current curves, battery charging function with presetting of the charging curve. Remote-sensing input for compensation of cable losses up to 2V.
Output configurationOutput floating, short-circuit-proof, can be operated constantly in short-circuit mode.
SecurityAutomatic shutdown in case of overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent with error display. Front panel can be deactivated or locked,
Upgrade optionsPartially compatible with AP series expansion modules.


Compact and precise

Precision in a handy format

Image shows a DP-H precision laboratory power supply, details may vary on your unit depending on version, for most up-to-date information please check the "Data Sheet" tab.

Devices of the DP-H series have been specifically developed for applications with high demands on precision and stability and combine a sophisticated hardware design with high-quality components and smart control to make your work easier. Thanks to the compact design with carrying handle, they can be quickly transported from workstation to workstation or taken along on field assignments. The smart cooling with 5 temperature sensors enables quiet operation when idle and maximum power despite the compact cabinet as soon as it is needed.

The front and rear are protected from impact with removable rubber pads, while it is also possible to mount the unit, with the pads removed, in a fixed position inside of a separately available 4U rack in a group of up to four units. The compact design of the precision laboratory power supply allows a setup of a group of four independent channels in the size of an ordinary laboratory power supply.

Smart all-rounder

Despite the compact design, precision laboratory power supplies of the DP-H series are extremely stable and precise. The setting and measuring resolution is 1mV / 1mA with a very low ripple even at full load. The control unit of this laboratory power supplies is based on ARM microprocessor architecture and allows the user to program complex automated test sequences even without connecting the unit to a controller or computer.

4.3″ colour LCD display

Thanks to the high-contrast and bright colour display of the DP-H series, you can always keep an eye on all target and actual values, if desired also with display of the progression over time – this way, you always have an overview of the current voltage, current and power or resistance of the load. In addition, the numeric keypad together with a high-resolution rotary encoder makes it easy to enter setpoint values and navigate in the menu of the laboratory power supply unit.

Automatic battery charging function

The laboratory power supply can be programmed with charging parameters for the automated charging of accumulators via a simple interface, so that the charging curve is followed exactly as required and the unit stops charging at the right time. This allows you to automate tests, because the actual values can be logged via a connected computer or controller (for example LabView) and evaluated afterwards.

Programmed voltage / current curves

DP-H series units can be programmed with up to 300 value pairs consisting of voltage, current and time to create user-defined voltage/current curves. These "presets" can then be executed continuously or a for certain number of cycles, the execution can be triggered via an external trigger or manually. Furthermore, the presets can be stored on a USB drive in order to have a library of frequently used presets always at hand and to be able to use them on different units of the DP-H series without additional configuration.

Compatible with many external expansion modules of the AP series

Expand your laboratory power supply of the DP-H series with additional functions – even after purchase.

Image shows a DP-M series high-performance power supply unit in 2U cabinet with AP8 module (top).

DP-H series power supplies are compatible with many optional AP series expansion modules, this way you are no longer limited to the configuration you choose when you order, but you can also expand certain functions at a later date using external modules. In addition, the AP series is constantly being expanded and maintained with new modules, so that you can also upgrade existing units in the future with new functions that we will introduce.

Currently, the following AP series expansion modules are compatible with DP-H series laboratory power supplies:

Model AP9: Combined reverse current protection (inductive and capacitive loads).
Depending on the maximum voltage and current, the module is manufactured in a 19″ 1U 1/2, 2U or 3U cabinet and protects your power supply unit against reverse currents, which can occur when operating with large capacitive or inductive loads. This means that you do not need an additional protective circuit between the power supply unit and your load, which reduces complexity enormously.

Model AP8: Additional EMC filter with capacitance on the output side.
Some loads require a cleaner voltage than the power supply can deliver in the basic configuration, or the inverse, generate very strong interferences (e.g. by high-frequency current draw with very steep edges - square wave). This can influence the control of the power supply at high currents. For these cases we have developed the AP8 module which combines a three-stage EMC filter with a large fast capacitance to further stabilise the output voltage of the power supply in critical applications on the one hand and to protect the power supply from the influence of loads on the other. This combination guarantees a stable output voltage even under the highest load from complex high-frequency loads.

Versatile verso

Modern communication via RS485 / RS232 and Modbus-RTU / SCPI

Image shows a DP-H precisionlaboratory power supply, details such as the position of the connections may differ on your unit depending on the revision.

The versatility of DP-H series precision laboratory power supplies is also evident in the available options for communication. Apart from the standard digital interfaces, DP-H series units offer an externally addressable trigger loop, standard remote-sensing input and analogue 5V inputs and outputs for setting and reading out the system variables.

Digital interface RS232 & RS485 (standard)

Equipped as standard with RS232 and RS485 connections, each with SCPI or Modbus-RTU support, these laboratory power supplies can be easily integrated into an existing or new infrastructure. Code examples for LabView are included to simplify the development of custom solutions and the communication protocols are explained in detail in the manual.

Remote-sensing input (standard)

The remote-sensing input is installed as standard in all power supply units of the DP-HA series and allows compensation for cable losses between the power supply unit and the load. The power supply unit can compensate for losses of up to 2V by measuring the voltage at the load and automatically counteracting it. This function is particularly useful for high currents of over 100A and/or particularly long cables with small diameters.

Trigger loop (standard)

The trigger loop consisting of two floating pins (+5V and GND) can be used for remote control (triggering, interrupting) of pre-programmed automatic sequences. This is especially important for time-controlled applications where timing is crucial.

Analogue inputs and outputs 5V (standard)

Apart from digital control via RS232 / RS485, precision power supply units of the DP-H series can also be remote controlled completely analogue. For this purpose, 0 ... 5V inputs are available for controlling the output voltage, the output current, the output status (on/off, trigger) and 0 .... 5V outputs for feedback of the actual values such as voltage, current, system status. In addition, the power supply unit offers a 5V reference voltage which facilitates the connection of external potentiometers.

ModelPriceOutput voltageOutput currentPowerDisplay resolution UDisplay resolution IResidual ripple UResidual ripple ILoad regulation ULoad regulation ILine regulation ULine regulation I
DP120-7-5H1.140,00 0 ... 120V0 ... 7.5A0 ... 900W1mV1mA≤2mVrms / ≤30mVpp≤10mArms≤0.1% + 5mV≤0.1% + 5mA≤0.01% + 4mV≤0.1% + 3mA
DP150-6H1.140,00 0 ... 150V0 ... 6A0 ... 900W1mV1mA≤2mVrms / ≤30mVpp≤10mArms≤0.1% + 5mV≤0.1% + 5mA≤0.01% + 4mV≤0.1% + 3mA
DP15-60H1.050,00 0 ... 15V0 ... 60A0 ... 900W1mV1mA≤2mVrms / ≤30mVpp≤10mArms≤0.1% + 5mV≤0.1% + 5mA≤0.01% + 4mV≤0.1% + 3mA
DP20-45H1.050,00 0 ... 20V0 ... 45A0 ... 900W1mV1mA≤2mVrms / ≤30mVpp≤10mArms≤0.1% + 5mV≤0.1% + 5mA≤0.01% + 4mV≤0.1% + 3mA
DP30-30H1.050,00 0 ... 30V0 ... 30A0 ... 900W1mV1mA≤2mVrms / ≤30mVpp≤10mArms≤0.1% + 5mV≤0.1% + 5mA≤0.01% + 4mV≤0.1% + 3mA
DP60-15H1.050,00 0 ... 60V0 ... 15A0 ... 900W1mV1mA≤2mVrms / ≤30mVpp≤10mArms≤0.1% + 5mV≤0.1% + 5mA≤0.01% + 4mV≤0.1% + 3mA
DP80-11H1.050,00 0 ... 80V0 ... 11A0 ... 900W1mV1mA≤2mVrms / ≤30mVpp≤10mArms≤0.1% + 5mV≤0.1% + 5mA≤0.01% + 4mV≤0.1% + 3mA