We introduce: Metoree - The search portal for professional measuring and testing technology

Especially in times of prevailing component shortages and the unusually long delivery times associated with them, it is essential to have an overview of possible sources of supply and alternative manufacturers. This is exactly where the network "Metoree" helps, with an up-to-date directory of all market-leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional measuring and testing technology. We are now also represented on Metoree! English: [...]

The DP-P and DP-PH Series have received a significant update!

We are pleased to announce a major update to the model range of our DP-P series multifunctional power supplies and our DP-PH series high voltage power supplies. – Many new voltage/current combinations have been added to the DP-P series model range and are now available up to the rang of 9KW. - The DP-PH series model range has been expanded to include some low power [...]

We have news!

Despite the difficulties and restrictions prevailing this year in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, we have some updates for you, which we have briefly summarised below. DP-S series laboratory power supplies We have added new models to the DP-S series laboratory power supplies, including up to 6kW output power in the same compact cabinet. The units are now also [...]

We have expanded our product range for you !

In the past months, it has been comparatively quiet in our news feed, but not without reason! We have been working diligently on the expansion of our product range and are now pleased to present the following innovations, which have already been updated on our website: - Precision-laboratory power supplies of the DP-H series have been extended by an autoranging function, [...]