CALIBRATION (In-house & DAkkS)

Factory calibration

Our products are factory calibrated after completion. The calibration is carried out at a standard air temperature of 22°C and 30 minutes warm-up time with DAkkS-calibrated measuring instruments, the product is then adjusted, if necessary. The results of the successful calibration are confirmed by the responsible inspector, but are not recorded in detail in the system. If you require a calibration certificate, please let us know when making your enquiry. We are unable to produce this subsequently as the calibration values are not stored. 

DAkkS Calibration

If "accurate" is not enough, we also offer the option of having the ordered product calibrated by an external DAkkS-accredited test laboratory in addition to our in-house calibration. Our partner laboratory then handles the order after completion of the product in our production until delivery. The costs incurred by external calibration vary greatly from test item to test item and the deadlines depend very much on the current capacity utilisation of the test laboratory, which is why calibration is offered on request.

Average costs and duration of DAkkS-accredited calibration

Duration: 8 - 14 days
Costs: 390,00€ - 590,00€