Maximum values of the series: 3kV / 5kA / 1MW / ØPL = 0.52€/W

DP-D Gen2 Series High-Performance Power Supplies
Voltage range:0 ... 3kVExt. control analogue:Yes*
Current range:0 ... 5kAExt. feedback analogue:Yes*
Power range:0 ... 1MWRS232:Yes
Regulation:U / I / P*RS422:No
Load regulation U:≤0.5% rmsLAN:Yes*
Load regulation I:≤0.5% rmsUSB (Host):Yes*
Mains regulation U:≤0.3% rmsOpen protocol:No
Line regulation I:≤0.3% rmsModbus RTU:Yes
Noise U:≤0.3%FS + 10mVrmsSCPI:No
Noise I:≤0.5%FS + 10mArmsReverse current protection:Yes*
Recovery Time (50% change): Polarity changer:Yes*
Display accuracy U:±0.5% FS ± 3 digInterlock:Yes*
Display accuracy I:±0.5% FS ± 3 digExt. output On/Off Ctrl..:Yes*
Setting accuracy U:±0.5% FS ± 50mV--
Setting accuracy I:±0.5% FS ± 50mA--
Voltage range:0 ... 3kV
Current range:0 ... 5kA
Power range:0 ... 1MW
Regulation:U / I / P*
Load regulation U:≤0.5% rms
Load regulation I:≤0.5% rms
Mains regulation U:≤0.3% rms
Line regulation I:≤0.3% rms
Noise U:≤0.3%FS + 10mVrms
Noise I:≤0.5%FS + 10mArms
Recovery Time (50% change): 
Display accuracy U:±0.5% FS ± 3 dig
Display accuracy I:±0.5% FS ± 3 dig
Setting accuracy U:±0.5% FS ± 50mV
Setting accuracy I:±0.5% FS ± 50mA
Ext. control analogue:Yes*
Ext. feedback analogue:Yes*
USB (Host):Yes*
Open protocol:No
Modbus RTU:Yes
Reverse current protection:Yes*
Polarity changer:Yes*
Ext. on/off Ctrl.:Yes*

* Optional

As an improvement to its predecessor (DP-D series), high-performance power supplies of the DP-D Gen2 series have been enhanced with more advanced digital control, which is noticeable at first glance by the large and informative display on the front panel. All important actual and setpoint values are clearly displayed and settings can be found quickly. In addition, units with option [Y] have a large colour display (4.3″) and offer the possibility of programming complex test sequences by configuring current/voltage/rise time in relation to time (square wave output, ...) and observing the actual values over time. Furthermore, option [Y] expands the connectivity with LAN port and USB (host) port on the front panel.

Developed for particularly power-intensive applications in the laboratory or industry, the DP-D Gen2 series digital high-performance power supplies are designed for maintenance-free continuous use. On request, power supplies of this series can be manufactured with power ratings up to the megawatt range and configured with a variety of options. Depending on the configuration, DP-D Gen2 series high-performance power supplies can be controlled externally, either analogue or digital, and are available as stand-alone or rack-mount versions, allowing easy integration into existing infrastructure.

Additional options

The following is a brief description of the possible additional options for digital high-performance power supply units of the DP-D Gen2 series. A detailed description can be found in the data sheet of the series. If you have any questions, please contact our support during our opening hours via live chat or by e-mail and we will be happy to help you.

[Z1] ACCESSORIES: 2m cable with SCHUKO, CEE male blue 32A or red 32A plug
The laboratory power supply is supplied with a 2m connection cable with matching plug:
Output power ≤ 3300W - SCHUKO
Output power > 3300W - CEE plug blue 32A 230V
Output power ≥ 6000W - CEE plug red 32A 400V

[E] 19-inch rack-mount version
The laboratory power supply is supplied with rack-mount brackets (only models below 10kW).

[U] Ext. analogue control U
Input for external control of the output voltage via an analogue control signal.

[L] Ext. analogue control I
Input for external control of the output current via an analogue control signal.

[F] Ext. analogue feedback output U
Returns the actual value of the output voltage.

[G] Ext. analogue feedback output I
Returns the actual value of the output current.

[A] Interlock & Ext. Output On/Off Ctrl.
Input for controlling the status of the output of the laboratory power supply unit (On/Off), optionally switchable as "Interlock" or external control.

[R] Reverse current protection
Protection against reverse currents during operation with a large inductive or capacitive load.

[V] Polarity changer
To reverse the output polarity during operation.

[S] Remote measurement
Measuring the voltage at the consumer and compensating for line losses.

[Y] Programmable
The high-performance power supply unit is enhanced by a 4.3″ colour display and a more advanced digital control unit. In addition to the standard connectivity (RS232, RS485), a LAN port and USB (host) are installed. The upgraded control unit allows the power supply to be programmed autonomously with complex voltage/current characteristics over time.

laboratory power supply configurator

Select a suitable voltage, current and power combination from the model list by clicking on the corresponding line. Then configure the model by adding additional options, the configuration is displayed at the bottom of the screen in the configurator. Press "Next" to finish the configuration and proceed to the creation of the enquiry. Fill in the necessary fields and send your enquiry to our support by pressing the "Enquire" button, you will receive a quote by e-mail within a few minutes.

ModelPriceOutput voltageOutput currentPowerDisplay resolution UDisplay resolution IResidual ripple UResidual ripple ILoad regulation ULoad regulation ILine regulation ULine regulation I